Postdoc position on exoplanet research at the University of Padova

The Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Padova is accepting applications for a postdoc position on exoplanetary science entitled “Study of exoplanetary transits from TESS, CHEOPS and PLATO data”.
The postdoc will be included in Europe-wide collaborations. Researchers of the exoplanet group in Padova are members of the CHEOPS Science Team (with direct access to CHEOPS light curves), the PLATO science team, and collaborate to ARIEL mission. They also have access to ground-based radial velocity programs with HARPS, HARPS-N, and ESPRESSO.

Job Reference: Prot. n. 2427 – 30/07/2021 (UOR: D180000 – Classif. III/13)
Application deadline:  30 August 2021, 2pm CET
Starting date: Fall 2021, flexible
Where: Department of Physics and Astronomy “Galileo Galilei” (University of Padova)
Duration of the contract: 24 months 

Job Tasks 

  • Work on light curves from ground-based, CHEOPS and TESS observations to search for exoplanets, validate exoplanet transit candidates, select candidates for radial velocity follow-up (for mass measurement) and measure their radius and orbital parameters.
  • Analysis of the results from ongoing space missions for the optimizations of the observations with next satellites dedicated to the search for new exoplanets (PLATO) and for the study of their atmospheres (ARIEL).

Profile’s requirements 

  • Documented expertise in Astronomy/Astrophysics or related fields research.
  • Expertise in high precision photometry from ground and space observations, light curve analysis and modeling.

How to apply 

ONLINE SUBMISSION AVAILABLE FROM 30.07.2021 TO 30.08.2021 AT 14:00 (CET) at

Please follow instructions here.