PI & co-PIs Office

Work in progress

The PLATO PI and co-PIs Office is responsible for the overall management of the consortium activities. Are member of the office the PI, the co-PIs and the PMC Office.

The PMC Office interfaces via the PMC manager to the PLATO Payload Manager, the Data Centre Manager and the Science Preparation Manager.

All aspects of the consortium involving all three PMC elements and affecting the mission performance at large are coordinated by the PI and co-PI Office. The PI and co-PIs Office also ensure good communication between the PMC elements and ESA.

Activities of the PMC Office include:

  • PMC Management;
  • PMC Management Support;
  • PMC Configuration and Documentation Management;
  • DLR Contract Management;
  • PMC performance activities involving expertise from all elements of the PMC for performance studies and monitoring:
    • CCD WG, PLATO Performance Team and PLATOSim;
  • PMC System Engineering and PMC support for instrument calibration and operation activities (PCOT);
  • Coordinate EPO activities by the PMC.

Members of the PI and co-PIs Office are: