CCD Working Group


Left: Gaia CCD91 Device; Right: PLATO CCD270 Device  (©ESA/e2v)

The CCD WG consists of experts from ESA and members of the PLATO Performance Team and Payload.

It addresses aspects related specifically to the PLATO CCDs, the related requirements and the CCD performance. The tasks of the CCD WG cover the following areas:

  • Scientific performance flow down to CCD specifications including comments/justification of the CCDs specification (e.g. store shields. cosmetics, noise, QE, radiation level). In particular, ESA needs to know the science performance sensitivity to these parameters that could dramatically affect CCDs yield and cost before the result of the qualification test and before the initiation of the CCD FM contract negotiation.
  • Coordination/consolidation of CCD interface definition with F-Cam, N-Cam and FPA. In particular, scientist/engineer responsible of the I/F with these subsystems are part of the working group. All interfaces aspects (mechanical, thermal, electrons, contamination …) will be addressed.
  • Participation to the definition and interpretation of CCD tests, if needed: e.g. definition of CCD radiation tests level, verification that radiations at CCD level are not an issue.

The WG is an advisory group to ESA and the PLATO PI with respect to the CCD development and procurement. Meetings, telecons will be organised and the WG will make recommendations.