PLATO ESA Study Team

Work in progress…

During the development and commissioning phases, an ESA-appointed Project Manager will be responsible for implementing and managing ESA’s activities:

  • the overall PLATO mission definition and space segment development;
  • the development, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, integration, test, verification and timely delivery of a fully integrated spacecraft capable of accommodating the PLATO scientific instrument, fulfilling the mission requirements and achieving the mission objectives;
  • the procurement of the CCD chips for the Focal Plan Arrays of the PLATO cameras, as an Agency Furnished Item and their delivery to the PLATO Mission Consortium (PMC);
  • the development, procurement, integration and verification of the Mission Operation Centre (MOC) and of the Science Operation Centre (SOC), part of the Science Ground Segment (SGS);
  • the launch, early operations, commissioning and operations of the spacecraft.

To implement and managing the ESA activities the Project Manager has the support of a team of engineers and scientists: the PLATO ESA Study Team:

Filippo Marliani ESTEC D/SCI Project Manager ESA Project Core Team
Ana Heras ESTEC D/SCI Project Scientist ESA Project Core Team
Bengt Johlander ESTEC D/SCI Head of P/L Section ESA Project Core Team