Research Fellow in Astrophysics (Extrasolar Planetary Science) at St. Andrews University, Scotland – Ref. AR2194HM

Deadline: 22 April 2019

Announcement for the opening of an international call to hire a postdoc position to work on CHEOPS/HARPS-N observations and data analysis and PLATO development work (ref. AR2194HM)

The University of St. Andrews opens an international call to hire a postdoctoral researcher in the area of Astronomy/Astrophysics – field of Exoplanets, under an unfixed-term contract. The School of Physics & Astronomy is seeking a capable and active Research Fellow to work on the discovery and characterisation of extra-solar planets.

Starting date: 1 September 2019
Duration of contract: 24 months (fixed term/full time)
Location: Saint Andrews
Salary: £33,199 to £36,261 per annum

The fellow will work with Professor Andrew Cameron, initially on developing exoplanet candidate ranking and validation methods for the PLATO mission. From Q4 2019, the fellow will work on analysis of transit data from the Swiss-led ESA CHEOPS mission. The fellow will also participate in radial-velocity observations with HARPS-N on the 3.5-m Telescopio Internazionale Galileo on La Palma.

Profile’s qualifications 

The successful candidate should have a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or a closely related field by the appointment start date, with experience in obtaining and analysing high-precision photometric and/or radial-velocity observations of exoplanetary.

How to apply 

Candidates should send a cover letter, CV, publication list, and a brief statement of research experience and interests, and arrange for two letters of reference to be provided.

More information can be obtained by contacting:
Prof. Andrew Collier Cameron, e-mail:

For further details, please go to the announcement site.