Gaetano Scandariato


Gaetano Scandariato, INAF – Astrophysical Observatory of Catania, Italy

Role: PMC Member

Gaetano Scandariato graduated at the Catania University in 2008 and completed his PhD in Physics at the Catania University in 2012, with a thesis on the low-mass star formation in the Orion Nebula Cluster. During the PhD he spent a period at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore (MD,USA) and at ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, NL) working for the “HST Treasury Program on the Orion Nebula Cluster” (PI M. Robberto).
Afterwards, he had several post-doc contracts at INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Palermo and INAF-Astrophysical Observatory of Catania, working on stellar activity, exoplanets search and characterization, and star-planet interaction.
Since December 2018 he is staff researcher at INAF-Astrophysical Observatory of Catania. He is actively involved in the “Global Architecture of Planetary system” project and in the CHEOPS mission. His main scientific interests include multi-wavelength photometric and spectroscopic investigation of planet-host stars, exoplanet characterization and star-planet magnetic interaction.