PLATO Atmosphere Workshop, 4-5 Feb 2019, DLR Adlershof (Berlin)

From Monday 4th February starting at 13:30 and ending on Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 16:00.
[Please note at 16:30 on 5th February shortly after the workshop ends there will be an Institute seminar at DLR-PF held by Olivier Mousis (LAM, Marseille)  on “Scientific rationale and concepts for in situ probe  exploration of Uranus and Neptune”. Alll workshop participants are welcome to join!]

The workshop will be held in the Rotunde room in the Institute for Planetary Research (PF) at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) 

Workshop contributions on hot and cool terrestrial planetary atmospheres relevant to the PLATO Mission are welcome. This includes data analyses and modeling studies on atmospheric composition, climate, escape, clouds, retrieval and evolution of hot and temperate rocky exoplanets. The organizers particularly welcome a clear demonstrable link with the PLATO mission science goals.

Registration will be possible until January 15th 2019. There is no registration fee.
To register please go to the following link:
and email the information requested in the above link to:

The Institute DLR-PF is located in Berlin Adlershof with local train (S-Bahn) station Adlershof located about 400m away and the bus stop Magnusstr. about 100m away The Institute lies about fifteen minutes by bus from Berlin Schönefeld airport. Further details can be found at:

Please send any queries to:

SOC: John Lee Grenfell, Manuel Güdel, Helmut Lammer, Mareike Godolt, Antonio García Muñoz and Heike Rauer
LOC: John Lee Grenfell, Ruth Titz Weider, Barbara Stracke, Mareike Godolt, Renate Schubert

You can have a look to the brochure of the event here.

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