Tiago Campante

Tiago Campante.JPG

Tiago Campante, Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (Porto), Portugal

Role: Leader of one PDC WP

Tiago Campante qualified with a BSc in Physics/Applied Mathematics from the University of Porto (Portugal) in 2007 and went on to study for a PhD co-hosted by the University of Porto and Aarhus University (Denmark). Tiago was awarded a PhD in Astronomy by the University of Porto in 2012. Shortly after concluding his PhD, Tiago joined the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. In 2017, following a short spell as Research Scientist at the University of Göttingen (Germany), Tiago joined the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Porto as an Assistant Professor (non-tenured; 2017 – 2018) and the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences as a Researcher (2017 – present).


Tiago’s research experience and scholarship in the fields of stellar astrophysics and exoplanetary science are extensive. He is an expert on analyzing asteroseismic data and over the past few years has developed a considerable interest in the use of asteroseismology not only to characterize exoplanet systems, but also to elucidate the dynamics and evolution of those systems. Tiago was awarded, in 2018, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to study giant planets transiting oscillating evolved stars.

Tiago has been an active contributor to the asteroseismic program of the NASA Kepler mission since its launch in 2009. At present, he plays key roles in the science preparation work for the NASA TESS (2018) and ESA PLATO (2026) space missions. Tiago led the work that allowed predictions to be made of the detectability of solar-like oscillations with TESS, work that helped shaping the performance requirements for the instrumentation. He is also a member of the TESS Target Selection Working Group, which has responsibility for overseeing construction of the mission input catalog, as well as prioritization and construction of the core-mission exoplanet target list. With regard to PLATO, Tiago led (until 2017) a work package devoted to solar-type stars with planets in the framework of the PLATO Science Management (PSM), overseeing the specification of procedures to be adopted in the preparation of asteroseismic-analysis-ready light curves. Since 2018, Tiago leads a work package dealing with the acquisition of grids of stellar evolutionary models in the framework of the PLATO Data Center (PDC).

Tiago is coauthor of over 100 publications (including Nature and Science). He is also an enthusiastic communicator on the themes of stellar astrophysics and exoplanets, giving frequent talks to various groups at the national level. Furthermore, he frequently contributes to both the national and international media on stories related to his field of research.

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