Giuseppina Micela

Giusi Micela

Giusi Micela, INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Palermo, Italy

Role: PSM member

Giuseppina Micela became PhD in physics in 1991 at the University of Palermo. In 1985 she received a grant from the CNR for the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics – Cambridge (MA). From 1986 – 1987 CNR was a scholar at the Institute for Appl. Interdisciplinary of Physics (CNR – Palermo) and in 1996 she took advantage of a senior CNR / NATO grant to Dept. of Astr. & Astroph. of the University of Chicago. From 1990 to 2003 she was an astronomer researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Palermo, and from 2003 to 2016 she became an  Astronomer Associate, while since august 2016 she has been a research manager.

From January 2012 to March 2018 she was Director of INAF – OAPA and since 2016 she has been member of the patronage of the Fundacion Galileo Galilei which manages the TNG. Her main research areas are: star formation, young stars, stellar activity, high-energy coronal emission, exoplanets.  She served as a member of various evaluation commissions also proposed as chair (Chandra, XMM / Newton, ESO, TNG), and she was also an evaluator of European projects.

She has been a member of several scientific teams of international programs (Eddington, Simbol-X, NHXM, PLATO, ECHO, FINESSE, Ariel, HIRES @ ELT) and during her career she became:

  • a member of the Exo-Planet Roadmap Advisory Team (EPR-AT) of ESA and the Astronomy Working Group from 2005 to 2007;
  • Co-I of the HARPS-N spectrograph;
  • a member of the Steering Committee of the “Gaia-ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey”;
  • PI of large project with Chandra and XMM / Newton;
  • responsible for national funds (ASI, PRIN-MIUR, PRIN-INAF) and European
  • programs (“Interplay between Coronae and Stellar Structure along the Evolutionary path”, “The Influence of Stellar High Energy Radiation on Planetary Atmospheres”, “Constellation: the Origin of stellar masses’ funded by the European Commission “, Cofund INAF program” AstroFIt – Astronomy Fellowship in Italy “);
  • Coordinator of the WOW 2012 project (A Way to Other Worlds);
  • Co-PI and Italian Manager for the Ariel M Class ESA mission Supervisor of students, PhD students and post-docs Member of the faculty board of the PhD program in science physics of the University of Palermo.

She is also the author of about 290 publications in refereed journals.

G. Micela is involved in the characterisation and definition of dM targets as part of the PSM/PIC activities.