Jérôme Jacobs

Jérôme Jacobs.png

Jérôme Jacobs, University of Liege / CSL, Belgium


Role: Mechanical Engineer

Jérôme Jacobs  (M.Sc. Master of Engineering (Aerospace Sciences), Univ. of Liege (2013)) is working at  the Space Center of Liège (CSL), as a Thermo-Mechanical and System Engineer.  His recent projects include SPCS (Thermo-Mechanical analyses), ESIO – VUV( degradations analyses and test benches development), CHEOPS BCA (Mechanical and System Engineer), Sentinel 4 UVN (Microvibration and Mechanical analyses), S3C/S3D OLCI (Calibration Mechanism Assembly –& Project manager), PROBA3 ASPIICS (Mechanical Engineer). Jérôme is responsible for the mechanical design of the camera alignment set-up, the TOU-FPA fixation set-up and the camera mechanical tests.