PMC Board Meeting in Berlin

This is a strategy meeting on how to best present the PLATO science rationale in the context of the M3 competition.


10:00 Welcome (H. Rauer)

10:10 Briefing about recent discussions with ESA (C. Catala)

10:30 FAQ to PLATO and PLATO in the context of Kepler detections (H. Rauer)

PLATO goals in the M3 context:

  1. PLATO as target finder for spectroscopic characterization (e.g. EChO, JWST) (C. Dreyer)

  2. PLATO revealing the interior of planets and stars (D. Breuer)

  3. Discussion on accuracy of planet mass, radius determination: (I. Pagano, H. Rauer)

  4. More on PLATO science aspects & discussion on lobby strategy (all)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Discussion on input to answer ESA letter, action items & time line

  1. Structure of science management during assessment phase, e.g.

  2. organisation of workshops, PLATO science conference, etc (H. Rauer + all)

  3. Change name (all)

16:30 Summary


The PLATO Board meeting on December 20th will take place at the DLR, in Berlin.

The meeting is scheduled from 10:00-17:00.

The address is: German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Berlin-Adlershof site – Rutherfordstraße 2 – 12489 Berlin

How to get to the DLR:


Doris Breuer,  Raymond Burston, Claude Catala, Magali Deleuil, Claudia Dreyer, Malcolm Fridlund, Laurent Gizon, Miguel Mas Hesse, Isabella Pagano, Heike Rauer,  Stéphane Udry

Participants via telecon

Manuel Güdel (morning), Giampaolo Piotto (morning)


  1. What is EChO: differences with PLATO, C. Dreyer, J. Cabrera

  2. Accuracy on planet density determination: Pagano, Piotto, & Ortolani

  3. Interior of exoplanetes, D. Breuer

Minutes and Action Items

Minutes & Action Items (edited by H. Rauer)

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