PLATO 2.0 Science Conference Venue

Directions from Catania Airport to the Meeting Venue

Coach services, operated by ETNA-TRASPORTI INTERBUS, connect Catania airport to Taormina. This pictorial guide drives you from the Baggage Claim area to the conference center in Naxos.

venue (1)

1. Leave the Baggage Claim area going to the right.

venue (2)

2. Continue straight ahead till the exit.

venue (3)

3. After leaving the terminal building, you are in the bus departure area

venue (4)

4. The Etna Trasporti- Interbus kiosk is on the right after leaving the terminal building. Here you can buy tickets and ask for information. Tickets can be bought also on the bus. The timetable on company website is the following:

Catania Airport 06:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 08:08, 1h 23′
Catania Airport 08:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 10:08, 1h 23′
Catania Airport 10:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 12:08, 1h 23′
Catania Airport 13:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 15:08, 1h 23′
Catania Airport 17:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 19:08, 1h 23′
Catania Airport 19:45, Taormina Tombe Saracene 21:08, 1h 23′

Reservation are recommended on the route to and from the airport. The cost of the ticket is € 7.00 if bought at the website Buscenter, and € 8.20 if purchased at the ticket office or on the bus. The above information will be checked and confirmed shortly before the conference.

venue (5)

5. Buses to Taormina leave from the first block.

venue (6)

6. Travel time is about 1 h and 23 minutes. To reach Taormina bus stop at “Tombe Saracene”.

venue (7)

7. Now you have still 3 minutes walk (300 meters) to reach Villa Diodoro.

venue (8)

8. Welcome to the PLATO 2.0 Conference in Taormina.

LOC PLATO 2.0 Conference

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