Key Mission Strategy

The  PLATO satellite will get from space ultra-high precision, long (up to several years), uninterrupted photometric monitoring  of a very large sample of Bright Stars (V ≤11 mag) in the visible band. The choice to search planets around bright stars  is key to completely characterize the discovered planets and their hosting stars.

Specifically, the characterization includes the seismic analysis of the parent stars in order to precisely determine their mass, radius and age, i.e. those fundamental parameters that are required to accurately derive the same quantities for the hosted planets.

The planetary systems discovered by PLATO, being bright, can be followed-up spectroscopically from ground and space based telescopes. In this way it will be also possible to:

  • Complete the characterization of the exoplanet parameters with spectroscopic high-resolution measurements of the stellar radial velocity
  • Measure the physicochemical properties of planets and their atmospheres.

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