PLATO Mission Conference 2021, 11-15 October 2021

The PLATO Mission Conference 2021 aims at presenting the status of the PLATO mission to the community, both on the satellite development and scientific preparation, and at bringing experts working on observations and theory associated with any of the PLATO science objectives.

The major themes of the Conference are:

  • PLATO development status
  • Selection of the PLATO sky fields and the PLATO Input Catalogue
  • Light-curve analysis for detection and characterisation of long-period small planets
  • Asteroseismology and stellar characterisation
  • Advances in modelling stellar internal structure and evolution
  • Stellar activity
  • Ground-based observations for the confirmation and mass determination of planets
  • Long-period small planets and habitability
  • Planetary structure, composition, evolution, and architecture of planetary systems
  • PLATO in the context of Kepler/K2, TESS, CHEOPS, JWST, Roman Space Telescope, Ariel, and large ground-based observatories
  • Complementary science topics benefitting from PLATO high-precision photometry

For further information please visit the Conference Website.


From 11 to 15 October 2021.





  • Conny Aerts
  • Jessie L. Christiansen
  • Magali Deleuil
  • Marc Antoine Dupret
  • Rafael Garrido
  • Laurent Gizon
  • MarieJo Goupil
  • Ana M. Heras
  • Hans Ludwig
  • Rosemary Mardling
  • J. Miguel Mas-Hesse
  • Isabella Pagano
  • Giampaolo Piotto
  • Don Pollacco
  • Roberto Ragazzoni
  • Gavin Ramsay
  • Heike Rauer
  • Keivan Stassun
  • Juan Carlos Suárez
  • Stephane Udry


  • Maria Bergemann
  • Andrew Collier-Cameron
  • Guy Davies
  • Sebastien Deheuvels
  • Caroline Dorn
  • Scott Gaudi
  • Raphaelle Haywood
  • Natalie Hinkel
  • Laura Kreidberg
  • Joshua Pepper
  • Aldo Serenelli
  • Ignas Snellen
  • Andrew Tkachenko
  • Andrew Vanderburg


  • 15 Mach 2021: Opening of registration and abstract submission
  • 18 June 2021: Deadline of abstract submission for oral contributions
  • 30 July 2021: Announcement of final program, and deadline of abstract submission for poster contributions
  • 24 September 2021: Deadline of registration