Towards Other Earth III: from Solar System to Exoplanets, 1-5 June 2020, Portugal

Atmosphere, Interior, formation and evolution of planets and planetary systems. The Solar System Planets and Exoplanets communities aim at answering similar questions, but seldom interact due to the different datasets they have access to.

Conference Poster (A3)

The meeting Towards Other Earth III: from Solar System to Exoplanets has the aim to discuss how the detailed and in situ datasets from Solar System planets can inform the often under constrained exoplanetary models. We will try to uncover how the diversity and large sample offered by exoplanets can put in context and inform our understanding of Solar System planets, focusing on each of these categories:

  • Super-Earths, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth
  • Ice giants, Uranus and Neptune
  • Gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn
  • Planetary System architecture

For details of the event,  please visit the meeting page.


From 1st to 5th June 2020.


Theater Ribeiro Conceição in Lamego (Douro Valley), Portugal.


  • Registration (is open by 8th of January to 8th of August).
    Registration fee until 29th February 2020: €300,00
    Late registration fee from 1st March to 30th April 2020: €400,00
    Cancellation of the registration: You will have 75% of the registration fee refunded if the cancellation is done before the 15th May 2020. No refund for cancellations after this date.
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David Ehrenreich, Jonathan Fortney, Victoria Meadows, Antonio Garcia Munoz, Caroline Dorn, Tristan Guillot, Heike Rauer, Li Zeng, Christophe Mordasini, Alessandro Morbidelli, Rebecca Dawson, Gabriella Gilli (Co-Chair), Sergio Sousa (Co-Chair), Nuno Santos (Co-Chair), Olivier Demangeon (Chair)


Olivier Demangeon (Chair), Sergio Sousa (Co-Chair), Gabriella Gilli (Co-Chair), Nuno Santos (Co-Chair), André Silva, Elsa Silva, Manuel Monteiro, Luisa Serrano, Pedro Machado, Vardan Adibekyan, Jorge Martins, Saeed Hojjatpanah, Susana Barros, Ricardo Reis, Paulo Pereira

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