PLATO Stellar Science Workshop #3, 19-22 Nov 2019, Barcelona

The WP120 Workshop #3 intend to gather STESCI members, with the aim of discussing and taking decisions about the best scientific options to derive stellar parameters with the uncertainties requested by the PLATO mission.


The WP12 STEllar SCIence work package (STESCI) plays a key role in reaching the mission’s science goals: its responsibility is to specify the methods for the determination of accurate and precise stellar parameters for all the dwarf and subgiant stars later than spectral type F5 from the photometric light curves obtained from the instrument. In other words, WP12 will be in charge of providing the specifications for the PLATO Data Center (PDC) to deliver seismic spectra (data products DP3), surface rotation and activity indicators (DP4), radii, masses and ages (DP5) for the hundreds of thousands of low-mass stars of the PLATO core programme. In addition, intermediate data products need to be prepared too before launch, and will continue to be provided during the mission operation.

For details of the event,  please go to the meeting page.


From 19th to 22nd November 2019.


Residencia de Investigadores, Carrer de l’Hospital 64, Barcelona (Spain)




  • Jerome Ballot (IRAP, Univ. Toulouse)
  • Kevin Belkacem (LESIA, Paris Observatory)
  • William Chaplin (Univ. Birmingham)
  • Joergen Christensen Dalsgaard (Stellar Astrophysics Center, Aarhus)
  • Margarida Cunha (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, Univ. Porto)
  • Marie-Jo Goupil (LESIA, Paris Observatory)
  • Antonio Lanza (Catania Observatory, INAF)
  • Thierry Morel (STAR Institute, Univ. Liege)
  • Benoit Mosser (LESIA, Paris Observatory)
  • Rhita Ouazzani (LESIA, Paris Observatory)
  • Aldo Serenelli (Institute of Space Sciences – IEEC, CSIC)


  • Eva Notario
  • Noemi Cortes

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