PLATO ESP2019: Single, shallow and strange transits, 2-4 September 2019, University of Warwick

PLATO is the next generation transit survey that uniquely combines large field of view, dynamic range, high sensitivity and observation duration. These properties make PLATO the ideal instrument to search for shallow and unusual phenomena in the light curves of bright stars.

This is the second PLATO Exoplanet thematic workshop and will examine what can be learnt from photometric light curves produced by for example exomoons, exocomets and planet accretion. In particular we will look at what can be learnt about the long period planet population from the detection and modelling of a single transits.

More information on the Meeting website.

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Scientific Organising Committee

  • Juan Cabrera
  • Szilard Csizmadia
  • Magali Deleuil
  • Isabella Pagano
  • Giampaolo Piotto
  • Heike Rauer
  • Nuno Santos

Local Organising Committee

  • David Brown
  • Don Pollacco
  • Paul A. Wilson