Mauro Ghigo


Mauro Ghigo, INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Brera (Milan), Italy

Role: Optical Engineer, TOU Radiation Analysis

Dr. Mauro Ghigo works in the Astronomical Observatory of Brera developing technology for space and ground instrumentation. He has developed metrological systems used during the study of the IXO mission, a x-ray telescope, for the characterization of its optics. Nowadays he is involved in the the Plato mission for the study of extrasolar planets and has developed a slumping method for the manufacturing of thin glass foils optics for Athena, a x-ray ESA space mission. Both the missions has been approved. He is active also in the field of the Ion Beam Figuring, having developed the two facilities that are in the Institute. The large facility has been used for the study of the figuring of the ELT segments. He is also planning to manufacture with this technique some of the optics of the multi coniugate adaptive optic module MAORY of ELT.