Gabriele Umbriaco


Gabriele Umbriaco, AIV Engineer, INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padova, Italy

Role: AIV Engineer

I am interested in exoplanet research, especially in extreme optics on ground and space telescopes. I took Master Degree in Astronomy at Padua University on 2016 with a thesis on Optical Alignment of Very Large Telescope Survey Telescope (VST). I have taken part in the optical alignment of the Very Large Telescope Survey Telesco (VST) in Paranal (Chile) a European Southern Observatory project and he has been involved also in the Commissioning of the telescope in 2011: this participation has increased my experience in optical instrumentation in ground-based telescopes focused on wide field angle optics. Now I am attending the PhD School on Astronomy of the University of Padova. During the PhD formation I have further developed my experience in optical alignment for space instrumentation, assembly, integration and verification of space qualified materials and glass, with an important upgrade of my expertise in large field of view space telescope. He have worked for 18 years as a technician in optical laboratories for master degree courses on Astronomy, with focus on interferometry and focal plane instrumentation. In the future I will lend my expertise to other space projects.

I have some interests in related disciplines through which I have started some collaboration with other institutions, some of which are international ones. I continuously follow the following research: radio meteor detection in collaboration with Dr. Monica Lazzarin (Padova University) and optical meteor detection in the PRISMA (Italian) and FRIPON (France) network; aurora detection and monitoring with an allsky camera installed in Asiago (Italy) and part of the world network of the Dr. Michael Mendillo (Boston University); 3D holography and nano-litho photography in collaboration with the National Institute of Optics; sky quality brightness monitoring of Asiago Astrophysics observatory since 2009 in service for the ARPAV (Agenzia Regionale per la Prevenzione e Protezione Ambientale del Veneto).