Sara Regibo

Sara Regibo .png

Sara Regibo, KU Leuven, Belgium

Role: PLATOSIM software development, camera EGSE software development

Dr. Sara Regibo(MSc Mathematics, 2005; Compl. Study Informatics, 2006; PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2012) is Technical Support Staff (Senior Software Engineer) at the Institute of Astronomy at KU Leuven.  She has developed data reduction and analysis algorithms for Herschel and the PACS instrument, and supported the automatic quality screening (of the pointing accuracy) of the observations.  She is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of software, and scientific support, for the supervised classification of variable stars for the Gaia space mission, and has taken up the task of writing the software user manual for the variability group.  For the PLATO mission, she is currently involved in the development, maintenance, and documentation of PLATOSIM, including managing user feedback and the production of official software releases.  In the future she will get involved in the software development for the camera EGSE. She has (co-)authored over 20 refereed papers, with a combined citation count of over 3000.