Stefano Pezzuto

Stefano Pezzuto

Stefano Pezzuto, INAF – IAPS (Rome), Italy

Role: ICU SW System Engineer

Stefano Pezzuto was born in Lecce, Italy, on May 2nd 1966. He graduated in astronomy in Padova with a thesis on rapid oscillations in cataclismic variables. He got a PhD in physics in Lecce working on envelops of dust and gas around Herbig Ae/Be stars; he spent one year in ESAC (formerly VILSPA) working for the calibration group of LWS, one of the instruments of the ESA satellite ISO.

He is staff memebr of IAPS, an istitute member of INAF based in Roma.
His research activities are in the field of star formation, with emphasis on the very early phases of this process; he is member of many consortia working on Herschel data (Hi-Gal, Gould Belt Survey, HOBYS) and on data taken with ground-based facilities like ALMA, ARO, GBT.

He has observed remotely with ARO, GBT, and in-situ with NTT, SEST, MOPRA, GBT.
He designed and coded the SW for the DPU of PACS, one of instrument on board Herschel, and he was memebr of the PACS ICC (Instrument Control Centre) working on SW maintenance and instrument calibration.

For the PLATO mission he is a member of the ICU team with the responsibility of the development of the Application Software (ASW) of this unit.
He wrote and published a book of tails (Svegliati Adamo, ISBN 9788891074249); he plays keyboards and is currently a member of GLEMS, a pop band composing original songs.