Figure4.3aEach of the 24 normal and 2 fast cameras includes:

The design of normal and fast cameras is very much the same except for:‎

  • read-out in frame-transfer mode
  • design of FEEs
  • availability of bandpass interference filters in F-CAM: shorter wavelength bandpass in ‎‎“blue” camera and longer wavelength bandpass in “red” camera. The filters are needed to ‎allow measurements of stars in two spectral bands.‎

Cameras Integration and Tests

The Cameras integration is under responsibility of University of Leuven (Belgium). Cameras Tests are performed at University of Leuven (Belgium), at Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (France), at INTA (Spain), and at SRON (the Netherlands).

Cameras Calibration

Cameras calibration is under responsibility of Italy, France, Portugal and Germany.



PLATO – Revealing habitable worlds around solar-like stars
Definition Study Report, ESA-SCI(2017)1, April 2017