PLATOSIM workshop


Leuven, Belgium

8-9 June 2016

Faculty Club

Groot Begijnhof 14, 3000 Leuven

room: Van Haemele

Draft Agenda

  • Overview of the PlatoSim documentation
  • How to configure PlatoSim: overview of the configuration parameters
  • Extracting the PlatoSim output: the structure & content of the HDF5 files
  • Scripting PlatoSim using Python
  • Use case examples:

generating an artificial star field tailored to your needs

astrometry time series of a sample of bright stars

specifying different CCDs of the same camera

image series of different telescopes of an overlap sky region

  • Extracting photometry from PlatoSim images
  • GitHub: issue tracking & release plan for PlatoSim


In order to use the meeting time as efficiently as possible, we would like to ask you to install PlatoSim before you come to the meeting.  How to do this is described on  All you need, is a (free) GitHub account.  You are, of course, welcome to contact us if you would come across problems when installing PlatoSim.

Please, also make sure you have a Python distribution installed, e.g. Anaconda.  Packages you will be needing are: numpy, h5py, matplotlib, and numpy.

If there are specific things you would like to simulate, please, let us know!

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