PLATO WP120 2016


Date:  May 23rd-24th 2016

Venue: Observatoire de Paris site de Meudon
                5, place Jules Janssen, F-92195 Meudon Cedex


The goal of the meeting will be some scientific discussions focused on four specific topics

(therefore corresponding to four sessions):

Stellar activity

– Seismology of main sequence stars

– Surface convection

– Benchmark stars for PLATO

with the idea to go a step further from what was already provided in the drafts last year.

  • In session 1 (Stellar activity) what should WPI20 provide to the PLATO exoplanet team about stellar activity followed by a discussion of what is being done prepared today with (for KEPLER/TESS) that could be applied for PLATO
  • In session 2 (Seismology with optimization (Hare and hounds)), short talks about presenting optimisation codes, methodology, algorithms, results, difficulties with the HH, suggestions etc. followed by a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of one method versus another.
  • In session 3, impact of surface convection on oscillation parameters and/or detection threshold (granulation intensity as a function mass, spectral type; mixing length versus patched models, can T(tau) laws from 3D models be scaled and implemented in ID evolutionary models? …).
  • In session 4, discussion on the choice of benchmark stars (definition, selection criteria).





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