Workshop on Atmosphere Science in the Context of CHEOPS, TESS, K2 and PLATO

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Friday 16th January 17:00 2015

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday 30th January 17:00 2015


12:00 (CET) on Monday March 2nd to 2:00pm (CET) Wednesday March 4th 2015.


German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
Berlin-Adlershof site
Rutherfordstraße 2
12489 Berlin


The workshop will focus on how the four missions above will further our knowledge of exoplanetary atmospheres.

Central science themes include: 

  • determining the range of atmospheric composition and planetary albedo for hot Jupiters, mini-Neptunes and (hot) Super-Earths; 
  • constraining the presence of clouds and aerosols; 
  • determining what processes (outgassing, escape etc.) influence atmospheric evolution and how they correlate with age, stellar type etc;
  • determining interactions between the interior and atmosphere in terms of compositional interrelations between solid and liquid interior reservoirs and exoplanet atmospheres and their corresponding host stars;
  • deciding the best targets for follow-up spectroscopy missions. 

NOTE: Contributions will be favoured which can demonstrate a specific link with data to-be-collected by one of the four missions. As an example – theoretical studies calculating atmospheric spectra which investigate what the proposed PLATO 2.0 “blue” and “red” colour filters will tell us about exoplanetary atmospheres.


Participation is limited to a total of 80 guests. Agenda to be announced. Oral or poster contributions will be considered.


John Lee Grenfell, Kevin Heng, Helmut Lammer, Nicolas Iro.


Barbara Stracke, Mareike Godolt, Ruth Titz, Claudia Dreyer, Ulrike Stiebeler, John Lee Grenfell.

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