esaESA role in PLATO is:

  • Manage the overall PLATO mission.
  • Design, implement and manage the satellite that shall accommodate the scientific payload.
  • Procure the CCD chips for the Focal Plane Arrays of the PLATO cameras.
  • Integrate, test and verify the overall PLATO spacecraft, including payload.
  • Providing the launch services of the PLATO mission and transfer the spacecraft to a Sun-Earth Lagrange 2 (L2) libration point orbit.
  • Develop, integrate, verify and manage the Ground Segment:
    • The Mission Operations Centre
    • The Science Operations Centre
  • Performing the in-orbit commissioning of the PLATO mission with the support of the PLATO Mission Consortium.
  • Control and operate the PLATO spacecraft, and acquire, archive and distribute the PLATO mission data.

The PLATO Study Team (PST) is lead by Filippo Marliani (PLATO Project Manager).  The PST  is sided by a PLATO Science Working Team (PSWT) lead by Ana Heras (PLATO Project Scientist), and by a PLATO Steering Committee.