Payload Management & Engineering Office 

All PLATO Payload System, Cameras, and DPS level activities are managed by the Payload Management & Engineering Office that is headed by the PLATO Instrument Payload Manager (PIPM).

DLRThe Payload Management & Engineering Office is based at OHB Munich.  ohb-logo-2.jpgUnder a cost reimbursement contract with DLR, it works in close collaboration with the PLATO PI Office at DLR as an integrated project team. The Payload Management & Engineering Office comprises a management team that consists of a PA/QA & Safety Manager, AIV Manager, Procurement Manager, Configuration Manager, Management Support and a Project Secretary.

From the technical side the PIPM is supported by the Payload System Engineer. The Payload Management & Engineering Office includes all relevant engineering disciplines to control, manage and perform all relevant engineering activities on payload level. The Payload Management and Engineering offices interfaces via the Camera/AEU Manager and the DPS manager with the respective Offices.

Payload Management & System Engineering members

  • Mario SchweitzerInstrument Project Manager (PIPM);
  • Maximilian KleborCamera Project Manager (PIPM deputy);
  • Carolin Wimmer, Instrument PA Manager;
  • Valery Mogulsky, Instrument Systems Engineer;
  • Steve Rockstein, Camera Systems Engineer;
  • Alessandro Orlandi, Instrument AIV & Procurement Manager;
  • Jörg WürkerInstrument Electrical Engineer & AEU Systems Engineer;
  • Dimitri Serrano-Velarde, Instrument Performance Engineer;
  • Stefanie Grabmüller, Instrument Cleanliness Engineer;
  • Anthony Price, Instrument Configuration Manager;
  • Anja Veit, Instrument Documentation Manager;
  • Markus Hofbauer, FEE Systems Engineer;
  • Giovanni Tropea, Camera Structural Engineer;
  • Christoph Triebig, Camera Thermal Engineer;
  • Rafal Iciek, Instrument CAD Engineer;
  • Bruno Campillo, Instrument EEE Engineer;
  • Ilina Kondofersky, Instrument Cleanliness Engineer;
  • Maria Gallardo, Instrument Verification Engineer.


Pictures taken during the PLATO Week #4 in Stockholm, June 2017