Gianluca Li Causi


Gianluca Li Causi, ICU SW Engineer, INAF IAPS, Rome

Role: SW Engineer

Researcher at the National Institute of Astrophysics, he works mainly in the field of technologies for astronomical instrumentation at the Institute of Space Planetology and the Astronomical Observatory of Rome. Graduated in 1999 at the University La Sapienza of Rome with an experimental thesis on the realization of an adaptive optics for the AZT-24 infrared telescope of the observatory station of Campo Imperatore, he then continued the technological activity specializing in instrumental simulation and algorithms reduction, calibration and analysis of imaging, spectral and interferometric type, respectively on HST, fiber optic MOS and AMBER @ VLTI images. He is currently responsible for the end-to-end simulation of the next-generation MOONS instrument for the VLT (Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) and the high-contrast SHARK-VIS chamber for the detection of exoplanets in the LBT telescope. He is also involved in the dissemination of science and is among the founders of FISICAST, the Italian podcast of physics.

G. Li Causi is involved in the preparation of the ICU SW.