Camera AIV Teams

Work in progress

The Telescope Optical Units  and the FPA will be integrated to make Cameras under Belgium responsibility at the University of Leuven.

After integration, calibration activities for all Cameras are assigned to Belgium (KUL/CSL), the Netherlands (SRON), Spain (INTA) and France (IAS).

The Camera AIV Manager  is responsible for the coordination of the payload consortium partners involved in the Camera integration and verifications campaigns and the common camera GSE development. He is also responsible for the coordination and planning of the PLATO camera test team and the coordination with the involved test houses at CSL, INTA, SRON and IAS.


Camera Integration and Verification Team in Belgium


Camera  Verification Team in France


Camera  Verification Team in the Netherlands

  • …, SRON,


Camera  Verification Team in Spain

  • …., INTA,